Economic and Industrial Exhibitions in Iran,2012

1-12th Int't. Exhibition of Building Industry,  07 -10 September 2012,

2-3rd Int’t. Exhibition  of Insulation & related Industries,    15-18 September 2012,

3-  10th   Int’t. Exhibition  of Transportation &urban services , 15-18 September 2012

4-4th Int’t. Exhibition  drinks &related industries, 25 -28 September 2012,

5-2th  Int’t. Exhibition  of pipe, machineries and related equipments
15-18 October,

6-18th Int’t. Exhibition  Textile machinery, Raw textile, embroidery machine & textile products (IranTex 2012). 15-18 October 2012.   

7-10th Int’t. Exhibition  of construction machinery, mining, equipment, building material and natural stones Industry (Iran con min 2012), 26-29 October 2012

8-12th Int’t. Exhibition   of Household Appliances) 14-17 November 2012,

To access to the completed list of  Iranian International fair please refer to: Iran International exhibition Co. <>

Economic Exhibitions

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